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I believe Jesus Christ existed.Ive studied a lot.Its incredible that ppl in this Century believe the lies the butchering Catholic Crusaders told. How could midwives worship a Devil they never knew existed until the Catholics came with their Commandments, and the Mallues Mallificarium..which translates to The Witches Hammer..and was instructions to burn,torture,murder all free thinking women. That book actually said. . KILL all women who didnt believe their lies.While teaching THOU SHALT NOT KILL while they burned, drowned and hung beautiful women.Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, who grew when they ate, tended to sick, injured ppl, and animals, were midwives,healers using natures cures.They killed while preaching Thou shalt not kill,teaching from a Bible constructed for1500yrs in which they left out 90 of the true scriptures ..the divinity of women, as they were sexist wanting women as wives/slaves/prostetutes. They filled the bible with bullshite to suit there greedy,controlling,sexist agenda. And it worked. The lies the told of the old religion worked. People of the old religion were much closer to God. They liued in harmony with nature, Gods natural cycles.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Any1 got advice?

Hello, I really want to start writing, but don't know wer 2 start!! Can any 1 offer advice? Thanks A